Labor have destroyed Australia and now the LNP have to sort out the mess

ABC And Fairfax Are Desperate


ABC And Fairfax Are Desperate to break government boat record as they reported last week that 153 “refugees” had departed from India and were heading for Australia and unfortunately for them  it was proved incorrect. “We know what an Indian boat looks like”, said a regular contact of Pickering Post’s a reliable source of factual information, and it was alsoRead the Rest…


Christmas Island-Pardaphash-85397

SOMEBODY GROW SOME BALLS…please! Over the past few days we have had a boatload of supposed asylum seekers supposedly from “India”, but really from “Sri Lanka”, and the people who knew more about it than anyone else were members of the Greens, the ALP and immigration “activist” Ian Rintool… now I am as cranky as all hell! They had directRead the Rest…

Law Banning Muslim Veils


Law Banning Muslim Veils as the European Court of Human Rights upholds French. The European Court of Human Rights has upheld France’s 2010 ban on full-face veils in public, dismissing a case brought by a French woman against the state for breach of religious freedom. France has both the largest Muslim minority in Europe, estimated at 5 million, and someRead the Rest…